About The Artist

Weaving a mesmerizing world of surreal dreamscapes and captivating geometry, Gemma conjures a sort of Pythagorean quantum mysticism in her work. Existing in the realms between the physical and spiritual planes, her drawings and collages stir subconscious parts of our being that we may not understand or be aware of. She plays with mathematical theory, inspired by Torsion Field Physics, Sacred Geometry, and our experience of the many dimensions in Quantum theory. 

Her collages mimic spiritual totems, favoring the natural law of bilateral symmetry, with a direct narrative aimed to center and balance the viewer. Her geocentric mandalas are multi-dimensional overwhelming experiences. She labors over the precise hand-drawn lines without the aide of a ruler, creating the illusion of straight lines through proportion and repetition. She creates the mandalas as conduits of cosmic energy; portals to higher dimensions. 

Gemma is a certified Usui Reiki practitioner and offers private healing sessions out of her home in Denver, CO. She spends time charging each of her works with this sacred healing energy. 

Opening Reception

August 9th, 2014
Artists will be in attendance