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    Please join us on Saturday, February 7th from 6pm-9pm for the release of the first of many goods created under the SVPER ORDINARY brand, a hand-crafted 5x8 Leather Journal. 

    We will also be showcasing 3 other local brands of SVPER ORDINARY for a one night only Valentine's Day Trunk Show. Drop in and pick up the perfect gift for your lover just in time for Valentine’s Day… or splurge on yourself if you’ve dropped some dead weight to kick-off the new year.

    Trunk Show featuring FIG+YARROW, Doozie Jewelry and Wolf Hill

    Complimentary wine & sweets 

    The SVPER ORDINARY leather journal is the perfect place to store inspiration, sketches, notes, record your travels, or simply draw boobs and penises. This refillable journal has our SVPER ORDINARY logo beautifully embossed on the cover. Once you have filled the pages, you can simply replace the inside with any 5x8 notebook. Our leather notebook will stand the test of time and distance and unlike us, will only look better over the years! 

    Handmade by Wolf Hill

  • "at the periphery" New Works by Claudia Mastrobuono

    "at the periphery" New Works by Claudia Mastrobuono

    Claudia Mastrobuono is an installation artist working primarily in clay and fiber. She received her MFA in ceramics from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in May 2012 and began working in Colorado shortly thereafter. Mastrobuono has a strong background in traditional fiber processes such as weaving, knitting and embroidery, which has a strong influence on her work. She has been an artist-in residence at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, PlatteForum, Anderson Ranch Art Center and currently is in residence at Redline in Denver.

    Artist Statement 
    "I decorate the ordinary, allowing the viewer access by using familiar objects and nostalgic materials. My work deals with personal conflict between the desire for domestic foundation and the need to fulfill personal goals. I struggle with my role as a woman, daughter, partner and artist. I translate this fight visually, creating noise with material and pattern."

    Exhibit Ends 2/14/15 

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    Please join us for the Opening Reception on Friday, November 21st from 6p-9pm. Complimentary drinks will be served. 

    Winter Session is a design studio and workshop in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. Influenced by the fluid relationship between urban living and mountain adventuring, as well as design traditions from Scandinavia and Japan, husband-and-wife team Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher and their team produce handcrafted canvas and leather goods with a refined utilitarian aesthetic.

    From November 21st to December 6th, Svper Ordinary’s gallery will be transformed into a cross-section of Winter Session’s storefront workshop. Alongside an array of their bags, wallets and accessories will be prototypes and in-process works, the raw materials used in construction, and the patterns, sketches and tools that inspire and enable production.

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    SVPER ORDINARY is pleased to present "Paradox" a collection of road trip photographs and drawings by Denver-based artist Evan Hecox. This exhibition will mark his first solo show with the gallery. Please join us for the Opening Reception on Second Saturday, October 11th from 6pm-10pm. 

    Evan Hecox is a Colorado-based artist whose work captures the essence of urban environments through a unique process that involves careful, first-hand observations of his surroundings and then progresses into drawings and paintings that are striking in their graphic simplicity. His work recognizes and evokes the transitory nature of cities and of the lives that exist within them. By visually embracing all aspects of these environments he uses the decay and detritus of modern cities as key visual elements in his work, thereby challenging traditional preconceptions of beauty. Like mental snapshots distorted by the haze of memory they both record a place and time as it actually was and re-write fact by removing certain elements while emphasizing and distorting others. In this way his work has the effect of placing the viewer in a certain time and place while also imposing his own experience within. His cross-disciplinary interest in photography, fine art and design infuses his work with an unusual but dynamic mix, ranging from near photo realism to simplified abstraction. He has exhibited his work widely in the United States as well as exhibitions in Paris, Sydney and Tokyo and others.

    Artist will be in attendance // Free Event // Complimentary Drinks 


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    We are long time admirers of the Jiberish brand. Being as they were founded in and still operate out of DNVR we’ve had the privilege of watching the people behind the brand and the brand itself grow and evolve over the years. The Fall 14 menswear collection is a shining example of how passion, perseverance, and a dedication to prove the notion that you have to be based outside of Denver to put together a beautifully crafted line of clothing is false. Please join us at Svper Ordinary from 7-10pm this First Friday as we have the utmost privilege of raising a toast and help the Jiberish crew welcome their latest collection into the world. For those that cannot make it out on Friday the Jiberish Pop-Up Shop will run through Thursday October 9th. 


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    CHOCOLATE SKATEBOARDS - 1994 and beyond

    Chocolate Skateboards began in 1994 as the sister to the Girl Skateboard Company in Torrance, California. Chocolate is not only known for it’s stellar skateboarding team, but for it’s graphic design and Illustration, which is renowned and highly admired, both in and out of the skateboarding community. Much of that is due to the work of artist, Evan Hecox of Denver, Colorado.

    We celebrate the first twenty years of Chocolate with this special exhibition featuring the work of Evan Hecox, archival photos, original sketches, board graphics and other special pieces from the past 20 years.

    “At the very heart of Chocolate, the most defining piece to its inception was Chico. This big circle of friends left their sponsors to start Girl and there was no room for Chico in the van. Literally. The original guys on Girl were all packed in a van, leaving on a sort of “secret” tour and they could not fit Chico in. He was in the parking lot with his bag when they drove away.

    In April of 1994, eight months after the launch of Girl, we went back for Chico, and some other great and talented friends and they became part of this amazing adventure.

    We celebrate the first twenty years of Chocolate with this special exhibition featuring the visual history from this amazing trip.” — Megan Baltimore

    Date: Saturday, September 13th 2014 - One Night Only 

    Time: 6pm-11pm 

    *Free Event 

    *Complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon (while supplies last) 


    For more information please visit: Chocolate Skateboards 


  • Don't Worry, It's Only A Dream: New Works By Gemma Danielle Bayly

    Don't Worry, It's Only A Dream: New Works By Gemma Danielle Bayly

    Super Ordinary is pleased to present "Don't Worry, It's Only A Dream" New Works By Gemma Danielle Bayly. Join us for the Opening Reception on Second Saturday, August 9thth from 6p-10p at Super Ordinary located at The Source. 

    Complimentary PBR // Artist will be in attendance // Free Event 

    Optimystic Arts is the work and service of Gemma Danielle Bayly

    Weaving a mesmerizing world of surreal dreamscapes and captivating geometry, Gemma conjures a sort of Pythagorean quantum mysticism in her work. Existing in the realms between the physical and spiritual planes, her drawings and collages stir subconscious parts of our being that we may not understand or be aware of. She plays with mathematical theory, inspired by Torsion Field Physics, Sacred Geometry, and our experience of the many dimensions in Quantum theory. 

    Her collages mimic spiritual totems, favoring the natural law of bilateral symmetry, with a direct narrative aimed to center and balance the viewer. Her geocentric mandalas are multi-dimensional overwhelming experiences. She labors over the precise hand-drawn lines without the aide of a ruler, creating the illusion of straight lines through proportion and repetition. She creates the mandalas as conduits of cosmic energy; portals to higher dimensions. 

    Gemma is a certified Usui Reiki practitioner and offers private healing sessions out of her home in Denver, CO. She spends time charging each of her works with this sacred healing energy. 

  • "Sacred Traditions" New Works By Adrian Landon Brooks

    "Sacred Traditions" New Works By Adrian Landon Brooks

    Super Ordinary is pleased to present "Sacred Traditions" New Works By Adrian Landon Brooks. Join us for the Opening Reception on Second Saturday, June 14th from 6p-10p at Super Ordinary located at The Source. 

    Complimentary PBR // Artist will be in attendance // Free Event 

    About Adrian Landon Brooks 

    I have always been drawn to a past era, imagery that reflects a simpler time. I grew up rummaging through my grandparents' garage in Houston looking for old oil cans, paint buckets, and catalogs. The artifacts I found there showed detail and style that has long been replaced by digital imitations. The flat logos on rusty cans and illustrations in men’s 1950's catalogs served as perfect test subjects for learning how to draw a simple image.
    In many ways, I am still creating the same simple and effective images I made when I was a kid. Traditional folk art has been the primary focus for most of my adult life. The emphasis on a single bold line or minimal color pallet continues to serve as a constant challenge. When I strip a painting down to its bare bones it helps me think more intently about the impact of each line or stroke. I find satisfaction in creating simple and concise works that convey universal messages of loss, love and redemption.
    A mixture of mediums and techniques are used to achieve my vision; most recently I've been focusing on gouache and pen illustrations on paper or wood. I am most comfortable with pen illustration. In recent years, this has primarily been reflected in my war paint series, which consists of antique cabinet photos that I've drawn and painted over. To me, this series is a revitalization of the past and a celebration of timeless beauty. The images may vary but a core elemental style remains consistent. I will generally focus on a central figure that is often floating in a blank space or with a minimal background.
    I am drawn to sacred art of all kinds, especially art that emphasizes a "savior." Finding my creative voice brought freedom and redemption from everything that ails me. When I am creating work, the outside world is on pause and I can completely let go of all the trials and tribulations of the day. I feel that this is represented in the iconic images I create and is my attempt at paying homage to something greater than myself.

    For more information about Adrian Landon Brooks 


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    OH UM AH

    New Works by Jackson Tupper

    Additional works by Deepti Nair, Mike Scarano and Pedro Barrios

    Opening Reception
    May 10th, 2014 : 6 - 10 PM

    OH UM AH is nonsense;
    a fumbling of words.
    it's both a feeling and an anxiety and wonder.
    it's losing your head and feeling good about it. 

    For additional information about some of the artists please visit: 
    Jackson Tupper
    Deepti Nair