About Sandi Calistro

Sandi Calistro is a world renowned tattoo artist and co-owner of Ritual Tattoo Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Drawn to elements in nature, from vegetation to wild animals, the focal point in most of her artwork is a female figure who represents Mother Nature, the nurturer and the caretaker. While she adores the beauty and the sense of youthful innocence found in the female form, she also connects with each of her characters on a personal level.

About Rebecca Green

Rebecca Green's perception of the world serves as the foundation for all of her work. Her appreciation of life's varying levels of complexity and its humbling moments serve as motivation to make art. Her images depict scenes that explore the parallels between reality and imagination. The resulting visuals tend to capture scenes from the everyday, but with a sense of suspended reality. Rebecca's strongest connection with her work is through the focal figures present in most of her pieces. She explores alter egos and uses them as vehicles to create new narratives and re-imagine her world.

Opening Reception

February 21st, 2015
Artists will be in attendance