About Marsha

Strange Dirt is Marsha Robinson… An artist and designer based out of Denver, CO. Self taught and disciplined, Marsha's work is highly distinctive with a unique flare of grace and symmetry. She creates a world full of elegant botanical imagery embraced by strikingly bold designs that reflect the nostalgia of the Art Deco Era.

Her hand drawn ink & pen illustrations extend beyond the paper and find their way on fabric and into the multifaceted world of design. Marsha is constantly evolving as an artist and with every piece of work comes new transformation.

I Am Her

I AM HER is for my mother, for all mothers, and for all of their sons and daughters. The past year and a half has been a very transformative period for the relationship between my mother and I. I had spent more time with her than I have since becoming an adult. Something in me had shifted. Before, I had always thought of my mother in the shadow of her flaws, an all encompassing callous of her struggle, her fear, and her shame. I was resolved to avoid reflecting any likeness of her. In spending this time together we started talking more intimately. I began to ask more questions. Our laughter grew warmer. I began to fully recognize that in spite of all of her difficult circumstances, here stands an incredibly luminous and joyful spirit. She revealed qualities that I hope to one day possess. I came to truly admire the woman before the mother.

This is the most personal body of work I have ever put together. Every individual component of each piece is part of a structure that is a mental, emotional, and energetic mass of me. And in all of me is her.

I am her flaws. I am her struggle. I am her shame.

But more than anything I am her joyful spirit. I am love.


Opening Reception

June 24th, 2017
Artist will be in attendance

Marsha Robinson
Inherent Structures 1  |  Ink, White Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Cotton Paper  |  35"x 48"  |  $4200   Inquire

Marsha Robinson
Marsha Robinson
I Am Her  |  Ink & Gold Leaf on Cotton Paper  |  51"x 83"  |  $15,000  Inquire

Marsha Robinson
Inherent Structures 2  |  Ink, White Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Cotton Paper  |  35"x 48"  |  $4200  Inquire